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Mold can be very dangerous to your health and the health of your family. If you are unaware of the signs of mold then you should look for : Visible mold, musty odors, if you have moisture problems, and humidity. Living in North Carolina we are subject to acquire mold accumulation due to the weather in the south east. If you discover mold on your property only contact professional mold contractors.
There are many ways that you can accumulate damage from water whether it be from a leaky pipe or a big rain storm. The best thing that you can do is call a professional to make sure that mold does not occur from the water damage.
Asbestos was once commonly used as a construction material, now we understand that it has serious health risk. If you find asbestos in your home then call us now.
The damage that a fire can cause on your home is very serious, which is why we ask you to call a professional to clean up the remains of a fire. When your house is covered in soot then it can become very overwhelming. We are here to help, call us today.


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Proudly serving our clients in Raleigh, Eastern North Carolina and the Outer Banks our company strives to protect your property and the inhabitants of the property. Call us today to learn more.

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Salvage Trailer

U.S.Coast Guard
BOA HSCG84-14-A-P00017

  • Rapid Response Times to Minimize Impact
  • Professionally Trained and Experienced Response Personnel
  • Unparalled Resources - Equipment, Materials, Personnel
  • Practical and Technically Sound Solutions
  • Client-Focused, Safty-Oriented and Quality Drive Strategies

Towing On-the-Water Assistance We are available 24 hours-a-day, 365 days a year.  Our comprehensive towing package insures your peace-of-mind.


Salvage Sinkings, hard groundings, etc.We have the equipment and expertise to help "rescue" your boat.  Sinkings, hard groundings, and more are what we do.

Environmental Services Rapid Response TimesOur professionally trained and experienced personel helps minimize environmental impact. On-the-water and on-land.