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Beach - HurricaneThere is only so much anyone can do to prepare for a Natural Disaster. They strike at all times of the year; day or night; Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. The only thing one can do is turn to an expert afterwards to get your life back on track in a hurry!

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At Atlantic Coast Marine Group / Atlantic Coast Marine Response Environmental Services we specialize in disaster recovery.  Our decades of combined experience in dealing with a wide array of emergencies, as well as our geographically targeted response locations, allows ACMR to provide total readiness in a Natural Disaster situation. ACMR's major projects have included snow / ice-storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and lightning strikes.

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Response Services

  • Spill Containment
  • Debris Removal
  • Temporary Debris Storage
  • Marine/Vessel Removal, Recovery, Salvage
  • Demolition of Unsafe Structures
  • Decontamination and Clean-up
  • Fuel and Water Delivery
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Vacuum Truck Services
  • Mold Remediation
  • Fire Restoration
  • Boarding-Up and Tarping Services
  • Dehumidification
  • Pre-Treatment and De-Icing
  • Snow Removal
  • Hazardous Waste Collection, Transport, Staging and Permanent Disposal

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Towing On-the-Water Assistance We are available 24 hours-a-day, 365 days a year.  Our comprehensive towing package insures your peace-of-mind.


Salvage Sinkings, hard groundings, etc.We have the equipment and expertise to help "rescue" your boat.  Sinkings, hard groundings, and more are what we do.

Environmental Services Rapid Response TimesOur professionally trained and experienced personel helps minimize environmental impact. On-the-water and on-land.