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SR-5 is a 1994 25' Boston Whaler Frontier and spends most of the time on the Morehead City waterfront with shared time in Swansboro. The SR-5 is powered with twin 150 hp OBs and is a real asset to the fleet. (notice crew-dog Abbey peeking out?)

Our Boats

We take pride in our vessels. In order for us to provide the best and safest marine response service possible we have a boat that works for every situation.

More Ports + More Boats =

Here's a brief rundown of our fleet:

Towing On-the-Water Assistance We are available 24 hours-a-day, 365 days a year.  Our comprehensive towing package insures your peace-of-mind.


Salvage Sinkings, hard groundings, etc.We have the equipment and expertise to help "rescue" your boat.  Sinkings, hard groundings, and more are what we do.

Environmental Services Rapid Response TimesOur professionally trained and experienced personel helps minimize environmental impact. On-the-water and on-land.